Custom Beauty Brand Audit by Founder Raena Ashley

Custom Beauty Brand Audit by Founder Raena Ashley

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Want the Founder of BeautyRaena’s EXPERT eyes on your profile and content, showing you exactly what to fix to grow faster?

Book a social media audit to receive a personalized video from Raena filmed JUST FOR YOU with specific call-outs, feedback, and recommendations on how to improve your social media strategy, content, and overall reach.

This Custom Instagram Audit includes:

  • Custom audit from Raena Ashley providing a thorough reviewing over your social media profile, content, and messaging for your Instagram (1 platform per audit)
  • Outline gaps / mistakes that are stopping your growth including your profile setup, content concepts & format, niche, messaging, hooks + captions + hashtags + keywords, overall strategy, and more!
  • Tactical steps to improve your profile, content, and overall positioning on the platform
  • Tips about what type of content will perform best for you / your niche
  • Feedback is strategically focused on how to grow your community and generate leads

Here's how it works:

  1. Complete an intake form sharing with us your targeted goal for your social media page (the more detail provided the better)
  2. Purchase your audit.
  3. Receive an email with personalized video with your IG or TikTok Audit (within 72 hours of purchase - business days only)

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